Around 1,800 two-wheeler riders fined by city traffic cops for not wearing helmets

The ongoing helmet drive started by the Pune traffic police is getting a good response, as majority of two-wheeler riders are now seen wearing helmets on the city roads.

On Wednesday around 1,800 two-wheeler riders were fined by the traffic cops for not wearing helmets in the city. Interestingly, in another drive against tinted glasses on four-wheelers, started this Monday, traffic police removed dark films from the windows of luxury cars and even from the government vehicles on Wednesday as well.

Talking about both the drives, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) told Sakal Times, their drive till now has proved fruitful as people have realised the importance of wearing a helmet.

He would specially like to appeal to the youth that who go speeding on roads, please do wear helmets which will be safe for them and also for others if they meet with an accident.

On Wednesday, traffic polices were seen taking action at all major chowks in the city like Alka Talkies Chowk, Balgandharva Chowk, Swargate Chowk and others.

Two-wheeler riders who were not wearing helmet were stopped by the traffic cops; first they were told about the importance of wearing the helmet and then fined.

Source: Sakaaltimes, Nov’14

full_traffic cops


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