Traffic woes continue on FC Road

Pune is witnessing record breaking growth in all possible directions and fields whether it is industrial sector, manufacturing sector, Information Technology sector or education sector. It has just progressing in flying colours. But as it is known that every coin has two sides just like that this development is also has the dark side. The traffic problem in Pune city is one of the worst in the country.
In an attempt to increase the speed of vehicles and reduce congestion, Fergusson College (FC) and Jungli Maharaj Roads were made one-way three years ago, but the carriage width of the FC Road is being eaten up by the double parking of four-wheelers which is causing traffic jams on the wide road.

The FC Road along with the JM Road was made one-way to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and increase the carriage width to allow more vehicles to travel on the thoroughfare. The wider road would have also enabled creating a cycle track and a dedicated bus lane.
However, even after three years of making FC Road one-way, the road has not been decongested due to the lack of traffic rule enforcement. The traffic police have provided parallel parking facility for four-wheelers on the road but still four-wheelers are double parked which makes the road narrower.

Now, the PMC has started digging the road for laying pipelines which is adding to the traffic woes on the road. Private vehicles, public transport vehicles and even cyclists are facing problems due to the congestion which is taking place due to double parking.



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