Traffic problems near PMC building

After witnessing regular traffic jams, Pune traffic police had asked PMPML authorities not to park buses on the road near the PMC building, but the buses continue to be double parked on the road. NGOs had demanded that PMPML should not park their vehicles on the road to avoid chaotic conditions. Nearly 100 buses continue to occupy most of the road space from Tilak Bridge to Sawarkar Bhavan area.
Buses parked on the road opposite Congress Bhavan are creating traffic problems. These buses are double parked or sometimes there is a triple parking. Hence, only little space is available for other vehicles
PMPML has 1,850 buses and only 1,000 buses in the parking lot. Pravin Asthikar, joint managing director of PMPML said We have requested PMC to provide six open places for parking. Once, we get them; no bus will be parked on the road.”

full_22PMPML lacks parking space 2


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