Traffic Indiscipline – Anand Nagar Chowk, SInhgad Road

The traffic chaos in Anandnagar chowk is increasing day- by-day. The hawkers and the subsequent buyers from them occupy most of the stretches in the junction. The belt from Anandnagar Chowk to Madhukar Hospital, a No parking belt, is a convenient parking place for office goers who board  their office bus from the junction after parking their two wheelers. The share rickshaws, PMPML buses help in adding to the chaos by halting near the junction. The signals do not show the timing since its inception. There is absolutely no concern for the pedestrians & one is left wondering if there exists a Zebra Crossing or not. Lane Indicipline,  Utter Disregard for the traffic signal are some of the qualities reflected at the junction. The place has become a hotspot of daily scuffles, heated arguments.

full_8_near bharat electrics


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