Cell phone – a distraction for a driver

Talking on the cellphone while driving is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. This increases chances of accidents and puts others, especially innocent pedestrians, in danger. some great people even send text while driving! Daily we come across lots of people talking on cell phone while driving on roads with heavy traffic. Such drivers get disconnected from traffic and hence can not  hear other vehicles honking. If a call is that much important then buy a handsfree to keep our city  streets safe.


This is very frequent and most neglected offence. The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, suggests raising the fine to Rs1,000 for talking on cellphone while driving. Repeated offences may also lead to cancellation of driving licence. The increased fine will definitely act as a restriction, but only if it is implemented properly. But to ensure effectiveness of the law, the traffic department has to see that the offenders are punished in order to discourage others from breaking the rules. Traffic cops should be alert  enough to lift the offender. If traffic police  become efficient than all these issues can be solved in an organised manner. We also come across some traffic police talking on cellphone while driving.

A special wing needs to be created to nab the offenders who speak on the cellphone while driving. This would increase awareness among the drivers and create fear in their minds when it comes to breaking the laws. and a person will think twice while talking on cellphone while driving.



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