Over speeding and illegal parking menace plague NIBM Road

illegal parkingFed up with unresolved pending issues of crowded footpaths and speeding vehicles that have made walking on the footpaths in NIBM Road area a risky affair, nearly 50 members of the NIBM residents forum demanded solutions from the traffic police at a special meeting on Sunday.

From issues of pedestrians like encroachments on footpaths to vehicle parking in no-parking zones resulting in traffic choke ups, there were many issues that the traffic cops were left to deal with.

Facing the heat, assistant police commissioner (traffic) pleaded that a permanent solution could only be reached if police and civic officials work together with traffic cops and pleaded citizens associations to help facilitate such a meeting, NIBM Road resident, said that It’s a nightmare to travel especially in the night as most speed breakers either not painted or are faded out. It’s a hilly area and hence there should be road reflectors at the dividers. Another resident said, most of the footpaths are encroached due to which they were forced to walk on the road. Narrow roads and vehicles commuting on the wrong direction are major problems in the area.
There is a group of two-wheeler riders who ride at high speed at night creating nuisance in the area. Therefore people started going for evening walk in the society campus.

Traffic police officers assured that appropriate action will be taken and drives will be carried out.


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